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Thursday, 10 August 2017

So its been four weeks since I gave birth to our little Myla-Lily and I have finally found the time to write about her birth (whilst she is asleep)

As you know I had my heart set on a hypnobirth, I had attended the Wise Hippo lessons and felt ready to breath my baby out in the water.

Unfortunately this didn't happen for me and after talking to the other mums who attended the lessons it seems a rare few that get the birth they planned.

On the Saturday 8th July I noticed that the babies movements had slowed down inside my bump. It was enough for me to mention it to Matthew so for the first time in my pregnancy we set off to triage.

After being checked by the doctor she recommended that at 10 days overdue and with reduced fetal movement they start the induction process.

After a quick google we agreed that this was the best course of action, i was due to be induced at 40+12 anyway.

What I was unaware of was that if I was induced I wouldn't be able to have the water birth I wanted, but the baby came first and this was what the doctor had recommended.

I asked if I could nip home to pick up some bits (i actually had everything I needed in car, it had been ready for three weeks) as stupid as it sounds I wanted to wash my hair at home and head into hospital on my own terms.

I was allowed to leave for an hour so shot home washed my hair and headed back to the hospital to have our baby.

My birth wasn't very nice, if you are still pregnant I don't want to scare you as everyone's is different so read with caution...

There are three main stages to induction - the hormone pessary, breaking of the waters and the Syntocinon drip.

The stages of induction -

Being induced means starting labour artificially. There are a number of methods used to induce birth and some may be repeated more than once. In some cases being induced can lead to a quick labour but in others, the process can be long and drawn-out. Around 20% of women are induced, so it's worth understanding the process. Our midwife explains all:

1. The first stage of induction is kick-starting those contractions and getting the cervix to open.

2. A vaginal examination will confirm whether or not the cervix has started to dilate before the induction even begins.

3. If the cervix has opened the first stage of the induction is avoided. If not, prostaglandin hormone is put into the vagina, either as a tablet, gel, or pessary, which slowly releases the hormone over the next 24 hours.

4. In some areas, women can go home if they have the slow-release pessary. They return as soon as the contractions start. The dose of hormone aims to start to work by creating contractions, and thinning and dilating the cervix.

5. If the cervix has started to open but the contractions are still not strong and regular, the next stage is having your waters broken (the artificial rupture of membranes). For women who don’t need the vaginal hormone, or particularly women who have had children before (the cervix sometimes remains open a little), they can begin with this stage.

6. The midwife uses a plastic hook, a bit like a crochet needle, which she gently slides into your vagina and carefully through your cervix, to pop the waters around your baby, at which point you’ll feel a gush of warm fluid.

7. If this doesn’t work, you’ll be advised to have a continual drip of a hormone called syntocinon which goes into a vein in your hand. This should gradually increase the strength and length of contractions until your cervix is fully dilated.

8. Syntocinon is a strong drug and your baby will need close monitoring of his heartbeat to make sure that he/she remains happy throughout labour.

You can find more information via the link below -

Unfortunately the pessary didn't open my cervix after being left in for 32 hours it was removed.

On the Monday morning at 5am they woke me to tell me I would be heading down to the labour ward to have my waters broken, the midwife and the doctor had both tried to do a membrane sweep but the cervix was very much closed. I have a tilted cervix so it made breaking my waters a little tricky and uncomfortable.

Once my waters were broken the Syntocinon drip was attached, the majority of women that are put on the Syntocinon drip have an epidural due to the speed your body starts to contract. I wanted to see how I got on with the pain but as the level was increased my body went into shock, I was meant to be contracting 3/4 times every ten minutes but was contracting 7 times every ten minutes with some force.

I asked for the epidural which was administered quite quickly but didn't work (who knew it didn't work on everyone)

The anaesthetist came back for a second attempt this time was better than the first numbing half my body at least!

After spending four nights in hospital, being induced, suffering a tear and having a episiotomy Myla-Lily was born at 11.34am on the 11/07/17 weighing 8lbs2oz.

I had done it... but without Matthew by my side it don't think i could have coped, he gave me the support and love i needed and knew he would provide.

Matthew and i both got to hold our new baby girl skin to skin for a while which was very special, whilst i was being looked after Matthew also cleaned and added a nappy to Myla for the first time.

I was still very shocked by the whole experience to take it all in. Myla was also quite distressed when she came out, crying solidly for what seemed like forever so had to be checked out by the paediatrician, thankfully all was well, we just had a very hungry baby that probably wasn't ready to come out into the world that day.

People say as soon as you see your baby you forget the pain you have just endured, I was extremely thankful she was ok but with regards to forgetting the pain that took a few days.

Finally we were discharged on Wednesday the 12th July and we couldn't wait to get Myla home, this is where the next chapter in our lives would begin as a family of Carla, Matthew and Myla-Lily x


Thursday, 29 June 2017
Matthew and i have been together for twelve years, we married in 2015 and i count myself extremely lucky to have found him.

As all my friends will tell you i wasn't really interested in relationships in my teenage years i was having far to much fun with my friends, it was as i didn't have time to fit in someone else, plus i hadn't actually met anyone that i liked.

I was looking for a blonde haired, blue eyed guy that was my 'type', some of the girls used to say it was best not to have a 'type' as you will discard everyone else... i was happy to wait.

We have had the most amazing twelve years so far, we have been truly blessed, surrounded by family and friends that we adore and couldn't be without. The next step was to start our own little family and we were lucky to fall quickly.

I think the last nine months have flown by, Matthew thinks they have dragged, this is probably due to how excited he has been, I'm glad it was that way around. My pregnancy has been fine, no major worries or ailments i know some poor women struggle from start to finish and i really feel for them.

Snoring has been a pain in the arse mainly for Matthew, i have now put on two and a half stone and i am praying that the snoring is due to the weight gain. We have been sleeping in separate rooms for the last three weeks due to the English heatwave we have been experiencing but mainly due to my snoring. I wake both of us up so decided to sleep in the spare room which is a lot cooler, it was great at first but as the weeks have gone by i miss sleeping with him a lot.

He has told me over and over that it doesn't matter and he would rather me be in the same room so last night we tried again and at 1.37am i waddled into the other room. I can't grumble, to have a whole bed to your pregnant self is a dream...

I tried to use the nose strips but they left me with little red veins on my nose so i stopped using the immediately. I have been meaning to buy Matthew some ear plugs but think i may have left it a little too late.

Soon the snoring will be the least of our worries...

We have both been naturally excited but i wouldn't be honest if i didn't say i hadn't felt the odd pang of anxiety that our lives will be changing forever, it sounds terrible and i feel awful for writing it down but it was when Matthew said last week 'i hope the baby does'nt come too early as it would be nice to have another weekend as just the two of us'.
I thought i was dealing with my emotions well but that sent me over the edge, i instantly wanted to hit the pause button on it just being the two of us for a while longer.

I think its the waiting, i was lucky to be able to work up until the 16th June, i feel as though since i have been off work my mind has been working overtime and i have had to keep busy to stop my thoughts turning to worry.

Worry that my life is changing forever, that Matthew and i won't be the same, that my body will never been the same, that the baby will be healthy and happy, that the birth will be straight forward and safe, so on and so on.

Hence the fact i have thrown myself into redecorating the hallway, nesting to the extreme.

I have read many a blogs and i know i am not the only mother to be feeling like this, my mum thinks its amazing how honest people are now. Thirty-three years ago when she had me it was very much 'just deal with it dear your a mother now' There was no warning about the baby blues, or how your body recovers from having a baby, the heavy bleeding, sleep deprivation ect, i know nothing will truly prepare you for what is about the happen but i feel a little more prepped knowing what to expect.

I am due tomorrow Friday 30th June 2017 and i actually feel very calm. We don't know if we are having a boy or a girl but i do know that whatever we are fortunate to have this baby will be smothered with love.


Sunday, 25 June 2017

I started my maternity leave on the 16th June and thought it was time to finally pack my hospital bag, with less than a week to go I surprised myself.
I am one of those girls that absolutely hates packing for a holiday, I panic and end up taking loads of odd items.

Luckily my younger sister is a pro at holiday packing, she has travelled the world and is brilliant at sorting outfits instead of random garments.

I think past experiences put me off packing my hospital bag, where on earth would I start??? My sister couldn't really help me with this bag, it was down to me.

So my google search began... babies come in all different shapes and sizes and this seems to be the same for hospital bags!
I found these great bags from Primark, i love the fact me and bubba are matching and they were only £21 for both.

I found some good tips from a host of different sites and started to write down the essentials, so here is whats in my bag:

*Medical notes

*PJ's top and bottom


*Extra large t-shirts

*Sports bra

*Dressing gown

*Flip flops

*Extra large knickers

*Large sanitary pads

*Breast pads disposable

*Facial wipes

*Face cream

*Facial wash

*Toothpaste and brush

*Shower gel

*Shampoo / conditioner

*Dry Shampoo


*Lavender room spray

*Lip balm

*Water spray

*Water bottle


*Little battery held fan

*Make up

*Hair brush, clip and bands

*Pillow case

*Dark towel and flannels

*Phone charger

*Music on my phone

*Loungewear to travel home in

Yes i managed to pack this all in without breaking the zip when closing it. Let me know if you think I should add anything please.

I found packing the baby's hospital bag a lot easier, all the little clothes I have carefully washed and folded was a joy to pack up ready for a little human to wear, again I found lots of lists online and began to narrow down the items I thought I would need.

Books like 'How to Grow A Baby and Push It Out' and websites like Pampers were a real help, here is my list for the baby's bag:

*2 x sleep suits

*2 x vests

*Nappies (size 1 a whole pack)

*Muslim squares

*Socks & booties


*Water baby wipes

*Cotten wool pads

*Home outfit



*Nursing bras (because i coundn't fit them in my bag)

*Car seat

I will also make sure my husband is firmly by my side with his little bag, with items including:

*Change of clothes



Let me know what you have packed in your bags for this life changing little trip x


Friday, 16 June 2017

Many people have asked if Matthew and i were planning on going on a 'Babymoon'...
To be honest we moved house two years ago and have been pumping money into the renovation, when we found out we were expecting we started to save money for the little bubba as well.

Plus when i go away i like to sample the local wines, lay in the sun which at the moment i am unable to do.

My plan B was to take Matthew to a health spa for a birthday surprise and final relax before D day.

Champneys Tring was the closest to us, i visited there in April for my birthday and loved every minute of it.

On arrival there is a light breakfast all ready for you, then its off for a quick tour before the relaxing begins.

I didn't fancy staying overnight, i am barely comfortable in my own bed let alone another, so i booked the spa day.

I booked two treatments each, mine were the Beautiful Bump Massage and a Luxury Facial, Matthew's was a Full Body Exfoliation / Massage and a Men's Luxury Facial.

The Beautiful Bump Massage was pure bliss, i felt extremely comfortable laying on a pregnancy pillow and the therapist couldn't have been more accommodating. Starting with a foot soak and finishing with a scalp massages i was literally relaxed from head to toe.

The lunch is amazing, delicious and full of goodness, even the desserts which are scrumptious are made with light and healthy ingredients.

At 3pm we both had our facials i was so relaxed i must admit i fell fast asleep, seeing Matthew after his i could tell he had done the same.

We were lucky that the Spa was quite and at one point we had the pool to ourselves, it was the first time i have been swimming since being pregnant, I have been super busy with work but i wish i had made time to swim. Being in the pool i felt light and free, it has completely changed my opinion on water births and i have now written this into my birth plan.

I would highly recommend a spa day /stay leading up to your babies birth, we both enjoyed the experience, it was a special day to spend together chilling out and dreaming about the arrival of out little plus one. (always look out for their special offers)



Wednesday, 3 May 2017

‘The Wise Hippo birthing program is not only about teaching women how to have a positive birth experience. It’s about creating strong, confident mothers who inherently trust themselves, and, by using their natural instincts, make choices that are right for themselves and their families.’

I honestly didn’t know what sort of birth I wanted, I knew you were meant to attend a form of antenatal class but that was about it. I don’t really mind how I get from A-C as long as B is the safest possible route for me and my baby.

My cousin and friend have recently had babies and had both followed a hypnobirthing plan, my cousin had a successful hypnobirth whereas my friend followed her birth plan but unfortunately ended up having an emergency cesarean.

They both however highly recommended these classes to me and both said they don’t think they would have been as calm and relaxed if they hadn’t followed the techniques taught.

The Wise Hippo Birthing Program was set up by two highly experience antenatal educators, Tamara Cianfini and Dany Griffiths. Both are mothers and have many years of experience in education and helping pregnant women and their partners.

With anything in life you take what you want from it, I found some of the program a little hard to get my head around at first and had views of my own which sometimes contradicted their methods. Saying that, I strongly believe in their ethos which focuses primarily on choice, I didn’t realise how much choice a mother in labour actually has.

Hypnobirthing taught me that unless it is a medical emergency there is normally more than one option you should look into. They teach you about self-hypnosis and the benefits of calming your mind whilst in labour, something I have already started to practice.

One of the teachings that really helped me understand labour was the ‘fight, flight or freeze’ response, if you are truly petrified of giving birth your body will fill its self with adrenalin causing all of your muscles to contract leaving your body thinking it is in real danger.

With adrenalin pumping through your body your subconscious is basically telling you that it is a unsafe environment for you to have your baby in and your body will try to prevent this from happening – pretty amazing.

You want to try and fill your body with Oxytocin (the love hormone) and endorphins (the feel good hormone), self-hypnosis can really help to relax the mind which will result in your body relaxing letting the cervix naturally open.

At the end of the four lessons I can honestly say this has helped me with my labour preparations, it’s now down to me to practice The Wise Hippo teachings so I feel as prepared as I can be for my labour. I keep my little A5 book in my bag and will continue to read over the methods right up until my due date, there are weekly MP3s to download which have helped with my relaxation a lot.

Matthew attended the classes with me, i cant say he gained as much i did but mainly came to support me. I have asked him to read over the book again before our due date approaches something he has agreed to do in his own time. Whatever happens in that labour room i know Matthew will be my rock and someone i need by my side.

This little post only scratches the surface of what is taught in the classes, i would highly recommend this course to any mum to be.

The classes were divided into four 2.5 hour lesson at a cost of £300 (the same as the average NCT course)

To find your local class visit


Friday, 21 April 2017

I'm really enjoying dressing my growing bump (apart from the mornings where I am running late for work and nothing at all seems to fit!)

I had a work event the other night and realised I didn’t have an appropriate pair of black trousers to wear! After frantically searching for a maternity pair online and on the high street I ended up in River Island buying a regular size 12 crop trouser with an elastic waist band (very comfy) although the crutch was a little low when worn under the bump.

I have worn my ASOS maternity jeans to death, the poor elastic bump band has been pulled literally to pieces, although the jeans are still fine I think I’ll have to replace the fabric band or buy a new pair.

My lovely mum and sister are treating me to a spa day on Monday 24th April, so it was time to invest in a nice maternity swimming costume. At 30 weeks pregnant I didn’t want to spend a lot of money so headed straight to ASOS.

ASOS had a fairly good selection of 12 different swimming costumes so it looked promising at first, unfortunately every item I selected the majority of sizes had sold out.

Hopefully this weekend ill be successful in finding a cute swimming costume to support my new big boobs and bump, ill let you know how i get on….


Black Lycra Top H&M £8.99

Scarf Top DKNY

Ridley Black Wash Denim ASOS Maternity £28.00

Espadrilles Russell and Bromley

Cream Cold Shoulder Jumper ASOS £28.00

Aztec Jacket Bonmarche £25.00 (Sale)

Ridley Wash Denim ASOS Maternity £28.00

Sneakers Zara £14.99

Denim Shirt H&M

Black Crop Jumper H&M

Ridley Black Wash Denim ASOS Maternity £28.00

Black Lock Down Buckle Boots Office £95.00

Stripe Dress Primark

Maternity Tights Primark (highly recommended)

Black Lock Down Buckle Boots Office £95.00

Black Lycra Top H&M £8.99

H&M Faux Leather Dress

Maternity Tights Primark (highly recommended)

Mango Chelsea Boots £49.99


Monday, 10 April 2017

I celebrated my 33rd birthday on the 9th April and it was a slight change from the last few, cocktails, dancing and wild antics were swapped for dinner, tea and cake. Once i give birth i will celebrate this belated birthday with a glass / bottle of fizz. I have been very lucky and have enjoyed the last 27 weeks of pregnancy, Monday 3rd March bought some new and uncomfortable feelings. Stretching /aching pains in my stomach and a heavy feeling in my lower region had me a little worried, i called the midwife who reassured me all sounded normal and to update my midwife on my next appointment. On Wednesday 5th March I visited the midwife, after measuring my bump she informed me that the baby had put on a growth spurt in the last 3 weeks. I’m 5ft 7 and my husband is 6ft so I’m sure there will be more of these over the next 12 weeks. I feel fine now although I think who ever said the second trimester was the honeymoon stage was right and I think i may have kissed goodbye to that….

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