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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Neither of us wanted to tell others about our news until we had been for our 12 week scan. This was difficult but at the same time we felt as though we were in our own little bubble and we were the only ones in the world that knew about the tiny baby growing inside of me.
We were back at the hospital for our 12 week scan excited to see how much the baby had grown. Unfortunately our baby was being extremely stubborn it was upside down and basically had it’s back to us.
I honestly couldn’t see a thing, although the midwife said everything looked ‘normal’ (a word the experts use a lot) i was really disappointed.
I was told to nip to the loo and jump up and down but nothing was shifting this baby from its comfy yoga position.
The good news was we were now able to tell our family and friends, it was early December so included in their Christmas cards was the scan photo with a little added Christmas hat.
Matthews’s father completely missed the scan photo which was hilarious once Matthew had pointed it out he was overjoyed.
My mum opened the card and tossed it straight up into the air in an overwhelming flood of emotions, my dad was over the moon as was Matthews mum and step father.
Keeping the pregnancy from my sister was hard, I am extremely close to her so almost felt guilty not telling her.

Seeing the look on her face was worth it though, she had absolutely no idea, nor did my close girlfriends I think I missed my vocation as an actress.

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