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Saturday, 24 December 2016

My boobs literally grew overnight and were extremely sore, i was always happy with my breasts, 34C was a good size for me and as my husband would say a handful is just enough.
Sleeping was tough although in the early weeks my boobs hadn’t gotten much bigger they felt huge, heavy and sore. Laying on my side in bed was painful.

I had read about sleeping in sports bras so treated myself to a couple of Calvin Klein sets.
These really helped but it wasn’t long before they did start to grow and I needed more support in the day.
I have never enjoyed buying bras, so i knew this would be a pain in the arse! I started off at M&S but after being told I had to book an appointment in advance to be measured i just decided to have a look myself, after trying on a few in the wrong size i left without anything.

I then tried House of Fraser I felt the choice for what i actually needed was very limited (non wired, non padded) were all a bit boring.
I didn’t want to look like Miss Doubtfire or wear nursing bras just yet i just wanted a plain bra with a good shape, finally in John Lewis I succeeded. I was measured and left with a few 36DD bras in less than 20 minutes. I'm sure it wont be long before i'm back buying some larger bras....

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