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Saturday, 3 December 2016

As we were trying to conceive I had started to do a pregnancy test before I went out to a party / event, after two negative test results at the beginning of October I decided to enjoy that month.
Due to a duration of irregular periods, we actually couldn’t pin point the conception date, we were sent for a date scan at our chosen hospital Whips Cross in East London.
Sitting in that little dim room was extremely nerve racking, I had an overwhelming feeling that I had imagined I was pregnant, suddenly wishing in had done an extra pregnancy test just before the appointment for that extra confirmation.
The worries of not being pregnant were pushed aside by the immediate reaction to what I saw on screen. Matthew and I had worked out that I was approx 5-6 weeks pregnant! We had been googling images of 5-6 week fetuses which let’s be honest looks like a prehistoric fish.
On screen was a much larger and more defined fetus, an image neither of us were expecting.
The midwife told us our baby was actually 10 weeks 1 day old, I had actually fallen pregnant in September.

This was much better timing as it meant we could tell our loved ones, and employment about the pregnancy before Christmas.

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