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Friday, 10 February 2017

Waiting to see the little image pop up on screen was the most anxious i have been so far. 
This was the abnormality scan, i desperately wanted to hear the words ‘normal’ from the sonographer.

After my visually disappointing 12 week scan i decided to read up online how to achieve a ‘good scan’ lots of different ideas were spoken about but i chose to have a real coffee and drink as much fruit squash as my bladder could hold.
I think this worked a little too well, the baby was very active moving so much that the sonographer found it difficult at first to take the critical measurements. 
‘What a little fidget you have’ said the sonographer, Matthew gave me a look that said ‘that’s your doing’ i gave him a cheeky smile back.

Both Matthew and i have decided we don’t want to know the sex of the baby until the actual birth.  There were moments when i didn’t want to look at the screen as i was worried i would see a little something that would give the game away, still i couldn't tear my eyes away watching our little baby moving around, yawning and stretching out. Neither of us saw anything with regards to the sex so we will just have to keep on guessing and wait for the big reveal.

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