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Monday, 27 March 2017

WEEKS 18 - 21

On Friday I reached the 26th week of pregnancy, I’ve been bumping along nicely with a steady bump growth.

I feel really good and don’t have anything to grumble about, so far I can truthfully say I have enjoyed being pregnant.

On Sunday I had my first real sudden surge of emotions, I woke up in a particularly quite mood at around 6am and ventured downstairs so not to wake Matthew.

My mood went from quiet too sad for no reason whatsoever, by the time I visited my mum to give her the mother’s day flowers I had bought I was fighting back the tears.

The tears came out in full force for about 4 minutes then stopped as quickly as they had arrived, ‘why are you crying, are you ok?’ my worried mum asked….

There wasn’t a particular reason at all for my tears, it was just because I was pregnant and emotional.

Going to watch Beauty and the Beast with my mum and sister helped boost me right back up, it was a magical film and i would highly recommend it.

These roller coaster of emotions will continue I’m sure, I’ll just have to strap myself in for the ride.

WEEKS 22-26


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