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Thursday, 23 March 2017
At 25 weeks i am lucky enough to still be wearing most of my old clothes, with the exception of the ASOS maternity jeans i bought in both blue and black.

I don't mind buying the odd maternity item but i am struggling to find anything i like on the highstreet, shopping online is great but i am still working out what size i need in maternity wear.

I have found that i can still shop in Zara and H&M but i just have to buy a large / ex-large to accommodate my growing bump.

Garments in this selection of photos are from:

Pink Jumper M&S £16.99 (Sale)
Ridley Wash Denim ASOS Maternity £28.00
Boots Zara £29.99

Printed Chiffon Dress Zara £12.99 (Sale)
Boots Office £95.00

Mustard Blouse Zara £25.99
Black Waterfall Jacket H&M £29.99
Boot Office £95.00

These items may no longer be avalible but it is still worth checking for similar items instore.

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