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Sunday, 5 March 2017

At 23 weeks pregnant The Baby Show at the ExCel in London seemed an obvious place to visit on a Sunday afternoon.

It was a little overwhelming to be honest, row after row of all the things you will need in your life once your little bundle of joy arrives.

There seemed to be a lot of duplicate products, i must have seen six stalls selling bibs and lots of professional photographers offering their services.
Although the deeper we ventured we came across some great exhibitors and listened to a few interesting talks from the speakers.

The one main reason for the visit was for the deals, it is well known that you can negotiate a good deal at these events, the exhibitors have paid a small fortune to be there and their main task is to sell, sell, sell.

Matthew and i really wanted to check out the prams, we had narrowed down the brands to three favorites, iCandy, Bugaboo and Joolz. We had done our research on all of them but wanted to talk to the experts.

Joolz was by far my favorite, the design and functions of the pram were excellent, it also folds up small enough to fit into my Mini. After talking to the rep we put in our order for the brand new Joolz Day2 design in Hypo Grey, we worked out that with the extras we had chosen we left with a saving of almost £300.

Our lovely pram / buggy gets delivered in May so ill keep you posted...

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