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Friday, 21 April 2017

I'm really enjoying dressing my growing bump (apart from the mornings where I am running late for work and nothing at all seems to fit!)

I had a work event the other night and realised I didn’t have an appropriate pair of black trousers to wear! After frantically searching for a maternity pair online and on the high street I ended up in River Island buying a regular size 12 crop trouser with an elastic waist band (very comfy) although the crutch was a little low when worn under the bump.

I have worn my ASOS maternity jeans to death, the poor elastic bump band has been pulled literally to pieces, although the jeans are still fine I think I’ll have to replace the fabric band or buy a new pair.

My lovely mum and sister are treating me to a spa day on Monday 24th April, so it was time to invest in a nice maternity swimming costume. At 30 weeks pregnant I didn’t want to spend a lot of money so headed straight to ASOS.

ASOS had a fairly good selection of 12 different swimming costumes so it looked promising at first, unfortunately every item I selected the majority of sizes had sold out.

Hopefully this weekend ill be successful in finding a cute swimming costume to support my new big boobs and bump, ill let you know how i get on….


Black Lycra Top H&M £8.99

Scarf Top DKNY

Ridley Black Wash Denim ASOS Maternity £28.00

Espadrilles Russell and Bromley

Cream Cold Shoulder Jumper ASOS £28.00

Aztec Jacket Bonmarche £25.00 (Sale)

Ridley Wash Denim ASOS Maternity £28.00

Sneakers Zara £14.99

Denim Shirt H&M

Black Crop Jumper H&M

Ridley Black Wash Denim ASOS Maternity £28.00

Black Lock Down Buckle Boots Office £95.00

Stripe Dress Primark

Maternity Tights Primark (highly recommended)

Black Lock Down Buckle Boots Office £95.00

Black Lycra Top H&M £8.99

H&M Faux Leather Dress

Maternity Tights Primark (highly recommended)

Mango Chelsea Boots £49.99


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