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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

‘The Wise Hippo birthing program is not only about teaching women how to have a positive birth experience. It’s about creating strong, confident mothers who inherently trust themselves, and, by using their natural instincts, make choices that are right for themselves and their families.’

I honestly didn’t know what sort of birth I wanted, I knew you were meant to attend a form of antenatal class but that was about it. I don’t really mind how I get from A-C as long as B is the safest possible route for me and my baby.

My cousin and friend have recently had babies and had both followed a hypnobirthing plan, my cousin had a successful hypnobirth whereas my friend followed her birth plan but unfortunately ended up having an emergency cesarean.

They both however highly recommended these classes to me and both said they don’t think they would have been as calm and relaxed if they hadn’t followed the techniques taught.

The Wise Hippo Birthing Program was set up by two highly experience antenatal educators, Tamara Cianfini and Dany Griffiths. Both are mothers and have many years of experience in education and helping pregnant women and their partners.

With anything in life you take what you want from it, I found some of the program a little hard to get my head around at first and had views of my own which sometimes contradicted their methods. Saying that, I strongly believe in their ethos which focuses primarily on choice, I didn’t realise how much choice a mother in labour actually has.

Hypnobirthing taught me that unless it is a medical emergency there is normally more than one option you should look into. They teach you about self-hypnosis and the benefits of calming your mind whilst in labour, something I have already started to practice.

One of the teachings that really helped me understand labour was the ‘fight, flight or freeze’ response, if you are truly petrified of giving birth your body will fill its self with adrenalin causing all of your muscles to contract leaving your body thinking it is in real danger.

With adrenalin pumping through your body your subconscious is basically telling you that it is a unsafe environment for you to have your baby in and your body will try to prevent this from happening – pretty amazing.

You want to try and fill your body with Oxytocin (the love hormone) and endorphins (the feel good hormone), self-hypnosis can really help to relax the mind which will result in your body relaxing letting the cervix naturally open.

At the end of the four lessons I can honestly say this has helped me with my labour preparations, it’s now down to me to practice The Wise Hippo teachings so I feel as prepared as I can be for my labour. I keep my little A5 book in my bag and will continue to read over the methods right up until my due date, there are weekly MP3s to download which have helped with my relaxation a lot.

Matthew attended the classes with me, i cant say he gained as much i did but mainly came to support me. I have asked him to read over the book again before our due date approaches something he has agreed to do in his own time. Whatever happens in that labour room i know Matthew will be my rock and someone i need by my side.

This little post only scratches the surface of what is taught in the classes, i would highly recommend this course to any mum to be.

The classes were divided into four 2.5 hour lesson at a cost of £300 (the same as the average NCT course)

To find your local class visit


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