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Friday, 16 June 2017

Many people have asked if Matthew and i were planning on going on a 'Babymoon'...
To be honest we moved house two years ago and have been pumping money into the renovation, when we found out we were expecting we started to save money for the little bubba as well.

Plus when i go away i like to sample the local wines, lay in the sun which at the moment i am unable to do.

My plan B was to take Matthew to a health spa for a birthday surprise and final relax before D day.

Champneys Tring was the closest to us, i visited there in April for my birthday and loved every minute of it.

On arrival there is a light breakfast all ready for you, then its off for a quick tour before the relaxing begins.

I didn't fancy staying overnight, i am barely comfortable in my own bed let alone another, so i booked the spa day.

I booked two treatments each, mine were the Beautiful Bump Massage and a Luxury Facial, Matthew's was a Full Body Exfoliation / Massage and a Men's Luxury Facial.

The Beautiful Bump Massage was pure bliss, i felt extremely comfortable laying on a pregnancy pillow and the therapist couldn't have been more accommodating. Starting with a foot soak and finishing with a scalp massages i was literally relaxed from head to toe.

The lunch is amazing, delicious and full of goodness, even the desserts which are scrumptious are made with light and healthy ingredients.

At 3pm we both had our facials i was so relaxed i must admit i fell fast asleep, seeing Matthew after his i could tell he had done the same.

We were lucky that the Spa was quite and at one point we had the pool to ourselves, it was the first time i have been swimming since being pregnant, I have been super busy with work but i wish i had made time to swim. Being in the pool i felt light and free, it has completely changed my opinion on water births and i have now written this into my birth plan.

I would highly recommend a spa day /stay leading up to your babies birth, we both enjoyed the experience, it was a special day to spend together chilling out and dreaming about the arrival of out little plus one. (always look out for their special offers)


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