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Sunday, 25 June 2017

I started my maternity leave on the 16th June and thought it was time to finally pack my hospital bag, with less than a week to go I surprised myself.
I am one of those girls that absolutely hates packing for a holiday, I panic and end up taking loads of odd items.

Luckily my younger sister is a pro at holiday packing, she has travelled the world and is brilliant at sorting outfits instead of random garments.

I think past experiences put me off packing my hospital bag, where on earth would I start??? My sister couldn't really help me with this bag, it was down to me.

So my google search began... babies come in all different shapes and sizes and this seems to be the same for hospital bags!
I found these great bags from Primark, i love the fact me and bubba are matching and they were only £21 for both.

I found some good tips from a host of different sites and started to write down the essentials, so here is whats in my bag:

*Medical notes

*PJ's top and bottom


*Extra large t-shirts

*Sports bra

*Dressing gown

*Flip flops

*Extra large knickers

*Large sanitary pads

*Breast pads disposable

*Facial wipes

*Face cream

*Facial wash

*Toothpaste and brush

*Shower gel

*Shampoo / conditioner

*Dry Shampoo


*Lavender room spray

*Lip balm

*Water spray

*Water bottle


*Little battery held fan

*Make up

*Hair brush, clip and bands

*Pillow case

*Dark towel and flannels

*Phone charger

*Music on my phone

*Loungewear to travel home in

Yes i managed to pack this all in without breaking the zip when closing it. Let me know if you think I should add anything please.

I found packing the baby's hospital bag a lot easier, all the little clothes I have carefully washed and folded was a joy to pack up ready for a little human to wear, again I found lots of lists online and began to narrow down the items I thought I would need.

Books like 'How to Grow A Baby and Push It Out' and websites like Pampers were a real help, here is my list for the baby's bag:

*2 x sleep suits

*2 x vests

*Nappies (size 1 a whole pack)

*Muslim squares

*Socks & booties


*Water baby wipes

*Cotten wool pads

*Home outfit



*Nursing bras (because i coundn't fit them in my bag)

*Car seat

I will also make sure my husband is firmly by my side with his little bag, with items including:

*Change of clothes



Let me know what you have packed in your bags for this life changing little trip x

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